Research & Development

We undertake numerical model developments to improve predictions of wave/wind on structures and fluid-structure interaction processes offshore, at coast and land. We further conduct experimental model scale tests. See our list of research themes and former work.

Ocean wave load predictions

We investigate the physics of ocean waves offshore and nearshore via development of numerical models. The models are validated through physical model scale testing. The research is used for improved accuracy of wave force predictions on structures, wave run-up, wave impact loading and establishment of MetOcean conditions.

Nearshore hydrodynamics

Investigation of wave transformation and shoreline dynamics are research with the purpose of accurate run-up predictions during storm events and subsequent finding appropriate solutions for coastal protection incl. design of coastal structures for impact loading.

Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Systems

We predict the behaviour of systems in which fluid loading modifies structural motions and vice versa. Many marine structures (fixed supported and floating) and wind-excited slender structures fall into this category. Examples include renewable energy systems in wind and wave environment. We further work on damper developments to suppress undesirable structural vibrations.